Our Leadership Team


James Proctor

Senior Pastor

Born and raised in Illinois, James grew up in a Christian home but rejected God for years.  During his freshman year of college, God brought James to see and understand his sinfulness and God’s Holiness, ultimately leading to faith in Jesus as Savior.

After graduating with a Bachelors in Church Ministries, James and Natalie (a Hoosier from Muncie), left their college home in Wisconsin and moved to Pennsylvania for graduate school. Upon completing a Master of Divinity Degree, the Proctors moved to the Baltimore area where James served as an Associate Pastor.  In 2002, the Proctors came to Muncie, where James served as an Outreach Director, then to Winchester as a Senior Pastor, and then into an itinerant preaching ministry.

Calvary called James to shepherd the congregation in 2009.  He absolutely loves serving Christ and the Church and living in Anderson.


Vince Edwards


Professionally, Vince Edwards is the Assistant Principal at Burris Laboratory School in Muncie, Indiana. Vince was a student at Bob Jones University where he studied Math Education. He graduated in 2002.

He was a math teacher at Cowan High School for several years and was promoted to Director of Teacher Effectiveness. During his time at Cowan, Vince earned a Master’s degree in education. In July 2014, Vince moved to Burris Laboratory School in his current position. He is currently completing his Ed.D. in education.


Vince has taught at Calvary Baptist for several years. He has led adult small groups and worked with the children. He became an elder in July 2015.

Vince and his wife Stacey have two boys, Graham and Marcus who bring great joy to their lives. . . and keep them quite busy!