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We love people. Therefore we love getting to know them and telling them the hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel is not just about having peace with God. It is also about finding our security and identity in Christ.

Sovereign God

While we take ministry seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We believe God reigns over all and is sovereign in the saving of sinners. This liberates us from being anxious or manipulative in trying to reach others.


What a gift God has given us in the Bible. It is inspired, inerrant, sufficient, clear, and authoritative. We are happy to teach it in such a way that the point of the text is the point of the message. This is called expositional preaching. The pastors at Calvary don’t want to just give you their opinions or stories about themselves, they want to teach what God has to say to us.


We believe that men and women have both been made in the image of God and are precious and valuable and share in the salvation found in Christ.  We also believe God's Word teaches that men are called to be responsible as servant-leaders in both the home and the church.


We do not retreat from, nor intend to be shaped by culture. In humility, with the hope of the gospel and by the power of the Spirit, we intend to engage others boldly as we seek to reach our city and the world and train others to do the same.