10 days to go. . .

We are leaving on a jet plane in ten days. We've started trying to pack. It seems like an impossible task to pack for three months! Suitcases are strewn about the house. The Visa applications are completed.

We have heard from our host family, the Daubenmiers, that they have prepared our house. Sheets are on the beds - even if they don't match. :) We leave on Good Friday and, after about 24 hours of travel, will get there on Saturday night. The good folks at RVA have told us they will be there to pick us up at the airport. We will hopefully get there around midnight. We are invited to join the community for an Easter Sunday pot luck breakfast and festivities, if we can handle the jet lag. It's exciting that Easter is our first day in Africa.

The boys have been doing better about being ready to go. We've had a lot of conversations around this. But, this past week has been a little more difficult. I think reality is hitting, so a little more anxiety has come out about leaving. But, for the most part, they are adjusting to this pretty well. We are trying to prepare them for the culture shock they may feel.

Finally, we have received 90%+ of our fundraising. Praise God! We are so thankful, and it is far above anything we ever imagined.

God is good.

Here we go!

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