1 Day to go

Remi the dog

We are finding out that your last week before you go on a three-month missions trip can be pretty crazy. Through a series of unfortunate events, we lost our dog sitter. We had to scramble last minute to find someone to watch our beloved dog, Remi. Thankfully, a friend of Chad's from his K-12 school days stepped up. Her family was looking to consider adopting an Australian Shepard and thought a trial run with Remi would be perfect for them. Just pray she's not allergic as that could be an issue! Also, pray that he adjusts well to his temporary family and he is a blessing to them. The picture above is Remi adjusting to his new digs.

So, our bags are mostly packed. Hopefully tomorrow, we can rest a bit and think of any last minute packing needs we have. Carson, it seems, has found a way to pack nearly all of his clothes in his carry-on luggage. He tells us he doesn't trust the airlines with his valuables. :)

Chad will be busy trying to wrap up all of his loose ends at work on Thursday. He's trusting his team can handle anything that comes up while he is gone.

Then, we leave on Friday morning of our great adventure! Saddle up your horses, we've got a trail to blaze!

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