Our mailing address

If you'd like to send us mail while we are in Kenya, we can be reached at:

Rift Valley Academy

Chad & Amy Wallace

P.O. Box 80

Kijabe, Kenya 00220

We'd love to hear from you. I imagine the boys would be particularly excited to receive a letter from "back home."

We've been told that we should be able to text on our phones. Phone calls are a different matter. So, text us if you want to communicate. We can also e-mail. Just remember, we are 8 hours away from our friends back home, so we may reply at odd times. :) We can also Facebook message us. My goodness, it appears it is so easy to communicate with us you may never even know we are gone!

Chad: cewallace@anderson.edu

Amy: chadamyally@hotmail.com


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