Praying for our boys

The boys seem to have a much better attitude about our trip than they did previously. We covet your prayers for them. Please pray for:

1. Their adjustment to the culture. Sometimes anger comes out and they won't know why. It will be a culture shock.

2. That they see how God wants to use them. We feel confident that their are young people at RVA that the boys are supposed to reach and minister to in ways that Amy and I never could. Pray that our boys would be sensitive to the Lord's leading.

3.. That they adjust quickly to the new school setting and find some good friends right away. We're praying that they don't feel like outsiders for long.

4. Pray that Mason's anxiety stays low. We are praying for no Tourette's symptoms while he is in Kenya so he doesn't have to worry how others are viewing him. But, if he has symptoms, pray that God uses that for his Glory.

5. That God uses this experience in powerful ways to make our boys totally fall in love with Him and dedicate their lives for His glory.

Thank you for covering us in prayer. We need it!

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