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2nd Interesting Animal Sighting

We are feeling much better yesterday and today. The jet lag is wearing off. Yesterday, we were given a tour of the RVA classrooms. It is a beautiful school. We'll post pictures later.

Today, we went to Nairobi with some friends. We went to two nice malls. We couldn't resist grabbing a Burger King cheeseburger in the only Burger King in Kenya, I think. We shopped at a grocery store and found all sorts of new foods. We'll see how it all tastes.

On our way back from shopping in Nairobi, we saw some baboons. These are about 1 mile from our school. We saw about 15 of them on the side of the road. We're told that baboons can be a little more aggressive with people and we shouldn't play with them. But, there are other types of monkeys that come onto the RVA campus. We'll be on the hunt for them soon!

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