Outskirts of Nairobi

We went into Nairobi (about 1.5 hours away). We drove to a mall. When we got to the parking lot, security guards stopped our vehicle to inspect it - presumably to make sure we weren't carrying a bomb. I think there was a bombing in a Nairobi mall a few years back. So, they looked in the back of the vehicle containing three soccer moms, our two boys, and me. The good news is it looked like our vehicle would be secure in this fenced-in, guarded parking lot. Then, we went into the mall. But, before entering, we had to go through a metal detector. I set off the alarm, but I'm not sure why because I put my phone and money clip on the conveyor belt to be scanned. So, I had to be scanned by hand with the wand. It beeped too, at my pockets, but they just let me go through. Soon after, we saw a woman go through the metal detector, get beeped, then hold up her phone and say, "Whoops", I just forgot I had my phone, and keep on walking. I'm not too convinced this security detail is earning their pay!

This mall had a Wal-Mart type of store there called Nakumatt. Some things are cheaper than the U.S., and some much more expensive. The Skippy Peanut butter had a security monitor attached to it so it wouldn't be stolen!

We had lunch in the foot court - some pizza for us. They had mostly a pizza place and asian food. That seems to be my experience in American mall food courts as well.

We piled our haul into containers on top of the Toyota Land Rover we were in and strapped them down. Then, we all had a bag on our laps. We were full. But, we weren't done yet.

We decided to go to another, bigger mall. This mall had a parking garage. Again, they had security, but this time, they took their job more seriously. They used a mirror to look under the vehicle, made us open the boxes on top to inspect them.

We went through this mall fairly quickly. Our main goal was to find the Burger Kind, presumably the only one in Kenya. It was expensive. I spent $9 for three cheeseburgers, but they were delicious!

On the way out of Nairobi, back to RVA, I snapped a few photos out of the window. I thought I'd share them with you. Only the wealthy Kenyans can shop at the malls we went to. This is where the rest shop.

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