A more restful day

lower rugby field

Today, we hung around campus. We are all feeling well. Chad has a small cough and runny nose that has been hanging on from a head cold all week. But, other than that, we are on our feet and over the jet lag.

We have the boys' class schedules all lined up. I think we are pretty pleased with them.

Chad spent some time in his chemistry lab/classroom trying to get the lay of the land. He has his RVA e-mail, his print drivers installed on his computer, and is getting ready for the start of classes on Monday.

The boys have been playing a piano in our house. And, no, they do not know how, but that hasn't stopped them!

We have had one meal at another missionary's house each day so far we have been here. This has been a great way for us to get to know some other families. We have really appreciated this help.

We finished our evening watching a movie together in our house (we brought a projector and hooked up our computer to it). We started a fire in the wood burning stove. It was nice to relax. We hear that starting next week, things get pretty busy! Tomorrow is our in service day when all of the staff meets together to get ready for school to begin.

This picture is of the boys on the lower rugby field overlooking the Rift Valley.

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