Dairy issues

Surprisingly, milk has been a whole thing. When we arrived, we had a box of Dairy fresh Long Life Milk in our refrigerator. Our host family had graciously done some grocery shopping for us! We also had some banana bread and cookies waiting for us from these fine people. On Day 2, Carson, as he often does, poured himself a big glass of milk to have with a cookie. One sip of the milk and he about gagged. He instantly had Amy try it and she did the same. Carson said the milk tasted like onions. Amy didn't know what it tasted like. I wonder if it tasted like grass, but I wasn't going to try it!

There has been a major drought in Kenya. The cows are starving. Butter is becoming hard to come by. We paid about $8 for a pound of it.

Back to the milk. . . We went shopping in Nairobi and had to try to find another milk supply. We picked up the green bottle of Fresh Milk. It tasted a little better, but is a little watery. It will be fine with cereal.

We also started to notice that everything is sold in such tiny quantities - liter bottles instead of gallons.

The Maja is sour milk in case we make pancakes, but we could not find pancake syrup in the stores, so we will need to learn how to make homemade syrup! A neighbor brought us some in the meantime.

Then, we discovered that RVA sells milk to the staff. Today, we put out a bottle for milk. This RVA milk tastes pretty good, yet has sort of a vanilla flavor. We have real milk! Yes!

We cleared out a 1 L water bottle and they filled it for us. We also discovered that over break, the staff can get some cream. So, we also put out a container for 1 L of cream. We cannot get cream during the year because they use it for the students to make ice cream, etc.

The orange bottle is a bottle of cream we bought in Nairobi - but we will probably prefer the RVA cream. Finally, on the right, is whipping cream. It was very thick and was almost like sour cream. Nothing is exactly like we predict when we buy it.

The cheese here is another issue. The mozzarella we have tried is good. The other cheese doesn't appear to be what we call cheese. It is usually a weak, putrid color. We do have a cheese person who comes to campus selling cheeses. We are asking the other staff what to buy. They are giving suggestions, but I'm noticing there are not rousing endorsements for any particular kind, mostly just warning to not expect too much.

There is a meat guy coming around as well. They call him the German butcher, yet he's Kenyan. Go figure. He sells pork. We haven't found it other places. So, we're going to order some sausage, bacon, and chops and see how it goes. I think I'm going to like my new friend the German butcher!

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