Organgutans at the zoo!?

I shared a few days ago that Carson found a Jackson chameleon. This is a pretty cool reptile with three horns on its face and changes color. We asked Carson to let it go back outside, but he had other ideas. He decided he was going to try to keep it in his bedroom. His first ideas was to take a bird cage he found outside and make a cage for it. He filled it with plants and made a watering system. It was pretty good! Except, our little friend kept escaping from his cage. The next three pictures are of the chameleon outside of his cage.

Me: "OK, now put it back outside."

Fifteen minutes later.

Carson: "I have an idea."

He always has an idea.

Me: "What's that?"

Carson: "I've been thinking about orangutans at the zoo."

Me: "What? Orantugans at the zoo?!"

Carson: "Just wait. You'll see."

Carson was thinking about a high wire that orangutans will stay on, but will not jump off because it is too high. So, he made a contraption from some sort of laundry hanging device he found. It hangs from the light in his bedroom. This is not a cage, but a "high wire" for his lizard to walk on. This is much more humane Carson says. It is working. It's worked going on three days now.

Carson sprays it down with a water bottle every so often for his pet to drink. He replaces the greens every couple of days. He even goes outside and finds "nice, big, juicy ants" on the contraption for his friend to eat.

In the picture, the chameleon is on the light shade. I guess there is the added benefit that he can warm up a bit if he likes!

So, that's life with a 15 year old boy in Kenya.

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