Mason is Buying a Cow

Going to the "Beat the Drum" orphanage on Saturday must have touched Mason like it did the rest of us. He's talked the last couple of days about wanting to help the orphans. We've talked about clean water, toys, a new soccer ball, and animals. He's particularly worried that their cow may die and might need a replacement. "They need milk dad." In the end, he decided he'd like to buy a cow or a sheep for them. We found out that a sheep cost around $200 and a cow around $500.

Everyday at RVA, we have Chai time. Chai is a tea brewed in milk that is very sweet with added sugar. Every morning, there is a 15 minute chapel followed by a 15 minute Chai time. The students all have Chai out in central area. We staff have Chai time together and take the time to pray. Chai time is a Kenyan thing I believe. I'm not a big fan of the Chai, so I just put some Chai in my coffee to sweeten it. Snacks are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Chai time.

Mason's plan was to make and sell chocolate chip cookies to try to raise money for the orphanage. He would sell them on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Chai time. Chocolate chip cookies are hard to come by here because chocolate chips are very expensive here, about $7.00/bag. If you get a chocolate chip cookie made here, they have very few chips in them. We brought a few bags of chocolate chips with us from America, so he's making them American style. So, last night, he and Amy made 60 chocolate chip cookies to sell at 50 shillings (50 cents) each. Today, Mason attempted to sell them. He sold out and made himself $30. He's hoping that if he keeps it up for the rest of the term, by the time he leaves, he can buy the orphanage a cow to help keep them going. The plan is to load up Ally with chocolate chip bags when she comes to visit us in a couple of weeks to restock his supply.

If you don't mind, I'll take the opportunity to stick my chest out a bit and tell you that I'm really proud of this kid. He's got a big heart for people and for God. He's not sitting on the sidelines, even at 13 years old. Way to go Mason!

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