RVA Chemistry Lab

I just completed my first week at RVA teaching chemistry. This is a picture of my classroom. I have anywhere from 12 to 24 students in a class. I'm teaching one AP chemistry class and four regular chemistry classes.

The room is equipped with a short-throw projector so I can show my laptop if I need to. They have also made it a "smart board". There are sinks and lab benches around the perimeter, and there is a fume hood in the corner. They can make deionized water (which they keep in 2 liter bottles). There is a gas line to each lab station as well as vacuum to perform vacuum filtrations. I was pleasantly surprised with this setup.

The chemical stockroom has quite a selection of inorganic chemicals, things for demos, and lab equipment.

We have a Kenyan worker, Michael, who can help me set up labs, clean up, and show me where everything is. He helps with all of the sciences here.

The students are wonderful, but there is an adjustment teaching at the high school level. I don't find the AP chemistry class that much different, but having four classes of regular intro chemistry is a challenge. I forget in the last class if I've already told the students information or not. It's a terrible case of deja vu! But, we'll figure it out together.

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