Our RVA House

I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the outside of our house here. We are renting the house of the biology teacher's family who is in the States on furlough. We are centrally located, right in the middle of campus. We are a very short walk to the classrooms and chapel (about 50 yards away). But, it seems like everything is an uphill walk. Our legs and lungs are getting stronger.

The house is mostly stone. It has hedges and beautiful flowers surrounding it. Every house and walkway around campus looks like this. It's kind of nice having the flowers around - especially if I don't have to take care of them!

Living here is also like living at Church camp. Amy has mentioned that the RVA campus reminds her a bit of the Dharma Initiative on the TV show LOST. We live in an idyllic setting. Food is made from scratch. The kids play together all throughout the neighborhood. The people are all so kind and friendly. All of our houses are even connected by an internal phone system where we can call them up by dialing their 3-digit house number. It feels a bit like we've gone back in time to the 70's. There are a lot of "Hi neighbor" types of interactions. People look out for each other. We were invited over for dinner at another family's house seven times in the first two weeks we were here.

There is a little fenced in area where there has been a garden. We will help plant one again soon. I'm not sure if we will get to benefit from what we plant, but those who come behind us will.

We hang our clothes out on the line.

And, for those of you who care about flowers, some local pictures for you.

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