Student talent show

The student talent show was Saturday night. Acts ranged from instrumental, vocal, dancing, bands, videos, to comedy acts. The cultural diversity was new for me. We had the traditional Korean music played by a young lady on some flute-like instrument. We had the young Korean lady who sang an Italian song. A young lady sang a song in French. I was wowed by the young lady singing a Beyonce song about being a world changer. It was really, really strong. I didn't know I could like a Beyonce song. These kids will be world changers. Both Jr. High and high school students performed. The one Jr. High band sang a Beauty and the Beast song.

I noticed that not only are these kids talented, they also support each other well. The young lady who played the traditional Korean song hit a few wrong notes towards the end of her song. Instead of being embarrassed, she just gave out a small laugh, and then something very cool happened. The other Korean students in the audience started singing the song along with her playing. Then, all of the other RVA students started humming along to help her to the end. It was wonderful, beautiful, sound- almost an act of worship. After every event, no matter how good it was, the crowd would erupt in clapping and support.

I like these kids.

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