Going to Hell's Gate

I remember going on field trips as a kid to the zoo, Conner's Prairie to see how they lived back in the 1800's, and going to an apple orchard. Maybe your experience as a kid was similar.

Here at RVA, they do field trips a little different than that. On Monday, Mason and the rest of the 7th graders got to go to Hell's Gate national park, just south of Lake Naivasha about a 45 minute drive from here. Amy was able to go as a helper.

Hell's Gate is so named because it is on a geothermal hotbed. It is on top of a volcano. There are sulfur hot springs in part of the park and a geothermal energy plant. Hot water came out of the rock walls. The terrain was interesting. The soil was a little mushy. There was obsidian, pumice, and ash everywhere.

Hell's Gate is also the inspiration for Disney's, "The Lion King." Disney artists came out to Hell's Gate and drew pictures of what they saw.

The kids rock climbed, rappelled down the rock face, and hiked. To get to the rock, they walked through a field with wild animals. They saw many giraffes, zebras, and wart hogs. Hakunah Matata. The RVA group was warned by the rangers not to go near the water buffaloes if they saw them as people have been killed by them before. The water buffalo is the RVA mascot.

Here is Mason rappelling.

... and rock climbing. Way to go Mason!

The rock face Mason is climbing was the inspiration for Pride Rock on the Lion King. Below is a picture of the rock. Disney just added a cliff onto it. "It's the Circle, the Circle of Life!"

Pride Rock

The hiking was pretty cool through an area carved out by a river! This was the inspiration for the wildebeast stampede in the movie, "The Lion King".

At the end of the day, in the distance, we saw some drones and a group of people taking pictures or something. It was a Kenyan lady making a rock music video about peace for the nations. They were excited to see the RVA kids of many different nationalities, so they let them dance in the music video. If you have the chance, you can watch for Mason on the Kenyan version of MTV or something. If we ever find the clip, we'll be sure to post it.

Hell's Gate sure beats the apple orchard!

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