Cookie the Cat

There are a few people here at RVA that have pets. I think I have seen about 7 dogs total. Some of these dogs live with dorm families so the kids living in those dorms get to enjoy the dogs, too. When families go home on furlough, they leave their dog with another family to take care of them. Pets can have many owners here in their lifetime.

I have seen only 3-4 cats in the area. The first cat we saw was a large black and white cat the kids call cow. The second cat we saw was very small brown and black cat. One day the small cat let Mason and me pet it. The next day, it came back and we fed it some leftovers. Soon it started coming around a lot. Below is one of our first weeks here at RVA. The cat enjoys sitting in our kitchen window sill watching me cook and waiting for any scraps.

The cat soon came to our house every evening at dinner time. I felt bad that we might be stealing someone's cat. Soon after that, the neighbors just below us informed us that the cat's name was Cookie. Her owners had gone home on furlough for the term and their house worker was in charge of feeding the cat. The worker was getting worried that the cat had not been eating lately (that was my fault) . So they gave us her bag of food, and since then, the cat has been living with us.

Cookie is so sweet. Mason and I love her and wish we could bring her home with us. Having a cat in Africa is so great because the cat comes in and out all day long and no kitty litter is needed. Cookie's owners will return the first of August. We leave here near the end of July, so she will go back to her original family, but it has been so sweet to have a cat here. Mason especially loves having a cat considering his cat of 13 years died in December. Mason may not miss Africa, but he will miss Cookie.

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