Sounds of Africa

There are so many things about Africa that are different from America. One difference is the birds and the sounds you hear. There is not one bird here that looks familiar. I have tried to take some pictures, but my phone's camera can't get a good shot. There is one bird I call my African robin because it has a red belly like our robins. There is also a large bird that frequently flies over campus. This bird reminds me of a blue heron except it is almost all black. This bird, whatever it is, has a large screaming squawk. Below is the bird I call my African robin.

It is very quite here, so I hear no street noise when we sleep. I hear no airplanes flying overhead, no ambulance or police sirens, no trains in the middle of the night. The only sounds we really hear is that one black bird squawking and a few other special birds. Below is a recording of one bird we frequently hear. When I first heard it, I couldn't believe it was a bird. I still don't know exactly which bird it is making this noise, but it is really cool.

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