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There are only two sports available to play 3rd term at RVA. One is Rugby and the other is Volleyball. We know very little about Rugby, and after hearing about the rigorous training the team has, Carson decided to try out for volleyball. The funny thing is he has never played volleyball. He tried out for the JV team since he is only a freshman. There were 12 boys total so they all made the team, and that is really how Carson made the team.

Because RVA is on a year schedule, our terms do not match up well with the semester system of nearby schools. We join a volleyball season already in progress. The volleyball season is only about 3 weeks long for us, so he only had a short time to learn. Every day he went to practice he got better and better. His learning curve at volleyball was off the charts. He went from barely being able to hit the ball in one day, to playing quite well in one week's time. He is taller than most boys his age here so he was on the front line as a spiker. We were able to go to one away game against Rosslyn and one Saturday Tournament. They came in third place in a tournament against all varsity teams!

The boys on the team were very friendly and welcoming to Carson. This may not always be the case when somebody new is coming in to try to take your playing time, but not with these boys. They welcomed Carson to the team.

We are proud of Carson for having the courage to try out for the team with such little experience. Many people are paralyzed from trying things for fear of failure. This was a great lesson for him.

With the regular season over, he played intramural volleyball. His team had the best name of all of the teams. They were "The Empire Spikes Back."

Watch out Homeschool Angels team; there may be a new girl "Carsina" who wants to join your team next year!

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