Kijabe, Kenya Shopping

We can leave the RVA campus and walk the fifteen minute walk down the road to some shop areas in Kijabe. We usually take the shortcut path.

We have discovered four places of interest. One, we can shop at the Supa Duka. Dukas are shops. Carson and I go there frequently because he can get a Coke for 35 cents. It's his new Rickers! The Supa Duka is our local grocery store. We can get some of what we need here if we cannot get to Nairobi to shop. They have the basics, flour, sugar, butter, and a small freezer with some meats and cheeses. Carson also loves to joke about taking a "Supa Duka".

For fresh fruits and vegetables, we can visit the Veggie Ladies, right across the street from the Duka. There are about 10 ladies who are selling in this little shop. The also have all kinds of little trinkets too.

There is a barber shop next to the Duka, and a salon where you can get a manicure for $5. There are many women at RVA that get there manicures here, but I think I will pass. There is also a small cafe called Mama Chuki's where you can get chapatis, samosas (meat filled, fried pocket) or a truly African meal of stew and cabbage. Mama Chuki's is on the very right with a single table and a couple of chairs outside of it. Mama Chuki's is pretty much the only restaurant in town. We have eaten there five or six times. It has been pretty fun to go eat the local food, outside of swatting away the many flies as you try to eat.

I am the only one who enjoys the authentic stew, the rest of the family will only eat the samosas. The funny thing is that when Ally and Luke came they wanted to only eat authentic African food. I took them the first day to Mama Chuki's and ordered them both a stew. After that I didn't hear one more complaint about the American food I served. Below is what the food looks like.

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