Student Baptisms

At the RVA church service this past week, we had a baptism service. Seven young RVA students stepped forward in faith to publicly proclaim their saving faith in Christ.

RVA has a permanent baptismal built down the hill towards the bottom of campus.

Each student being baptized had a friend or two read a selection of scripture. The student made a public profession of faith. The person baptizing them said wonderful things about them and discussed the evidence of their faith. Then, they would baptize them. It was a beautiful thing seeing RVA mentors or the student's missionary parents, getting the opportunity to baptize these students in front of their peers.

There was standing room only. In fact, I caught four students standing in the trees!

We sang many praise songs and hymns in between each baptism. It was a sweet, sweet time worshiping together.

By the way, I have been invited back once again to preach tomorrow at the Kenyan church near Naivasha where I preached a few weeks ago. I've also been invited to preach in Pastor Stephen's church (who we bought the cow from) next Sunday. Please pray that God's Word would work and move in powerful ways.

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