Delivering Faith the Cow!

What started as the dream of a 13 year old boy came true. Mason's quest to buy a cow for Beat the Drum Orphanage has happened. Mason raised over $700 by selling chocolate chip cookies. Then, our friends, and people we didn't even know, felt the call of God and generously donated. We had a few months of cow food delivered to the orphanage this past week. Then, yesterday, we had the great privilege to deliver Faith the Cow to the orphanage.

This is the food from their own crops the orphanage recently harvested to prepare for the cow. It is a great supplement - full of protein.

They delivered many bales of hay.

And we bought salt. This special salt is needed by a cow to replenish important minerals after they have been milked.

And, we bought several bags of nutritious cow food.

So, we drove down the bumpy back road down from Kijabe. At the bottom, we met up with Faith the Cow in her delivery truck.

We had to find a good place for her to step off the truck. We decided this porch would work.

After stepping off the truck, Faith promptly pushed me off of the porch. Carson thought this was hilarious.

We posed for a few pictures. I am holding the youngest orphan, Mary. The others were at school. We are standing with Pastor Stephen (who we bought the cow from) and his daughter, Faith. That's right, the cow is named after her. The money we gave Stephen for the cow will go to building on to his house for the four orphans he recently adopted. He is trying to take kids living on the streets of Mai Mahiu (where his church is) and give them a chance.

Mason and Faith

The rest of Pastor Stephen's family.

They made Faith a nice bed of saw dust. Faith likes to stay clean.

Faith took right to her food.

Each of the Wallaces took a turn at milking Faith. None of us had ever milked a cow before. The boys said they had some practice because they milked a fake cow at the Indiana State Fair when they were younger. I don't think it helped much.

We also paid to have Faith the Cow impregnated. In the next month or so, the vet will come to do this. I'm not sure how they do it, but they guarantee it will be a heifer.

That's a little joke there! I didn't post any inappropriate picture. :)

We also brought the orphans some toys. We brought coloring books, colored pencils, jump ropes, and a little toy horse with wheels the youngest ones can ride.

We went inside and had some Chai with Pastor Peter from the orphanage and his wife. We prayed together. He wanted me to tell each of you that he thanked God for you. Even though you didn't know him or his orphans, you obeyed God's urging to help them out. God bless you and keep you.

We talked about how this cow will be able to provide financially for the orphanage as well. Pastor Peter said that he will not sell any milk this week as he want to let the orphans have their fill of milk. They have been without and need to build up their strength a bit. Then, he plans to start selling some of the milk, even maybe open a little store out front of the orphanage to sell to the neighborhood. The profits from that will be first put to feed Faith the Cow and keep cow food in reserve. The rest will be used to help feed the orphans.

You made a difference for the Kingdom.

My family and I thank you as well. Praise God for letting each of us be a part of this. I'm especially thankful that we got to see this firsthand. You made a HUGE difference here in Kenya for 24 orphans with HIV.

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