And the Cow Miracles Continue

Many of you may remember the story from our time in Kenya last year. Our then 13-year-old son, Mason, baking and selling cookies and inspiring many others to chip in to buy a milk cow (Faith the Cow) for an orphanage for HIV infected children. It was a miracle really. We received word today from the orphanage that Faith gave birth to a healthy baby girl calf on 8/8/18.

They named the calf. . . Mason.

Mason the calf

God really is amazing.

By selling their extra milk, the orphanage was able to save enough to buy two more milk cows. With the birth of Mason, they now have four milk cows. This was what they were praying for when we were called to Africa. I thought God was calling me to teach chemistry at a school - and maybe He was, but when I look back on our experiences today, I think maybe he was calling an awkward 13-year old to Kenya to save an orphanage and help start another orphanage. He wanted to bring Himself glory. He also wanted to teach a family from central Indiana a lesson that we shouldn't put Him in a box. We need simply to do what He says and watch Him work. He also taught us not to wait. Don't wait until. . . something. I'll serve Him when I graduate from high school. I'll serve Him when I graduate from college. When I get married. . . When I have kids. . . When my kids are grown. . . God is working now, and when He let's you be a part of his work, it is awesome.

By the way, Mason's story was published in a Focus on the Family kid's magazine. It was published in a full-page article in our local newspaper. It has been worked into a video series focusing on African missionary work and encouraging children to serve God. God is making Himself famous through this work.

All glory belongs to Him.

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